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  • What are spot colours?

    • Feb 22, 2018
    CMYK of not knowing where you RGB when it comes to spot colours?

    Spot colours are very specific shades of a colour that match across multiple media including Print, Electronic, paint and textiles. These inks are specifically mixed or ground up to be a very specific shade, vibrancy and/or effect. They are often used where CMYK can not create such an effect (such as metallic ink) or where Brand consistency is vital.

    There are many companies that specialise in maintaining standards and systems, one in particular is Pantone. This corporation set a standard and tolerance for their Pantone colour matching system. Different outlets – possibly even on different sides of the globe, can produce materials that when brought together will match in colour very closely. Often the name Pantone will be used in place of the term Spot Colour and will often have a code number (for example Pantone 072).

    Pantone spot colour
    Pantone spot colour
     Brand Guidelines and Accuracy

    As part of a brand guideline, variations for both CMYK breakdowns (predominantly Print) and RGB (Electronic and on-screen breakdowns) are also listed by Pantone. These have been calculated to be the closest that CMYK or RGB can get to a true Spot Colour and often are very close to the original spot colour.

    Alternatives and Advantages

    The main advantage of adhering to a spot colour guidelines include a consistent experience for your brand. This can instil confidence in a brand who take that extra step to present themselves in this way. Maintaining a strong and consistent experience via your communication channels re-enforces your message.

    Build Strength and Confidence in your Brand

    Depending on your project https://chemothermia.com/viagra-buy-sildenafil/ a spot colour may be advantageous or sometimes even necessary for a particular project. Ask our team about how we can easily integrate consistency for your projects using spot colour knowledge.

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