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  • How to choose your design agency

    • Sep 04, 2017

    Moving design agencies can be an unnerving activity, but one full of opportunity.  Here are our thoughts on why (and when) it’s worth considering, and how to make the process less bumpy.

    (Note to existing clients: you shouldn’t need to read this – just skip to the blog entitled ‘we love our existing clients’).

    • Nice to meet you

    We suggest meeting with agencies throughout the year (even if you currently have no intention of moving), to see what they are like. If you feel like you could work with them as people, and their skill set matches your requirements, then file their details away somewhere where you’ll remember them. Check back to their website periodically to catch up on their latest activities and if they really want to work with you, they will keep in touch with you too. That way if you’d like a fresh pair of eyes on a project, for whatever reason, you’ll have a good starting point.

    • Do you have that image we used on the 2005 brochure?

    Well, no. Your existing agency will have past artwork from the year dot, some product photography and they know how you take your tea. It feels like a big task to change. Well, now’s the time to weigh up whether it is worth exploring other agencies – maybe make a list of pros and cons. Chances are any experienced agency (like, say, us!) will be well versed in making it a smooth transition.

    • But I have 10 agencies in my ‘prospective agency’ file!

    Humm…do you really? This is where point 1 comes in handy. Have you met with all 10 of those agencies? Or have you just filed ‘Dear <insert name>’ emails away for that rainy day, without exploring that agency at all? If you’re ready to approach another agency but don’t know where to start then check them out online – do they tick some of your boxes in location/industry experience/people don’t look like a bunch of prima donnas…? If so then meet 2 or 3 of them and take it from there.

    • Ok, have a go

    If you’ve met with an agency and you want to see what difference they would make, then give them a try on one project. See how they approach it, and what new ideas they bring. This is far better for a marketing manager/department and the agency then putting out a (fake) brief and getting a load of meaningless (albeit lovely) creative back. How in the world people evaluate agencies in that way remains a mystery.
    If you are ready to take that tentative first step them give Louise a call on 0113 236 1707 and we can arrange to meet.

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