Sydney Thelabrador

Friendly, happy, bouncy, Sydney offers us all inspirational support and will readily teach the art of happiness through frequent walks, playing fetch and falling asleep on your lap.

As ICM’s chief Meet ‘n’ Greeter, he’s also hot on security, PR and paper shredding. Always proactive and helpful he can often be found emptying the bins.

When he’s not working to earn a cheeky biscuit, Sydney loves to sleep, play with his stash of toys, sleep some more, roll in the grass and…yep, sleep again!

Maria Wild

Organised, analytical and experienced, Maria is the organiser of organisers. She makes sure projects flow effortlessly and seamlessly from concept to completion. Every job gets her full attention so it’s delivered exactly right and bang on time.

Maria loves the theatre so much we often joke she has a seat there with her name on it. Her other interests include cooking, reading, movies and live music festivals. A keen gardener, Maria’s garden is designed to perfection and well organised. It’s often been said that even the plants know precisely when to flower.

Her other passion is Sydney who she shares with Matt but she knows Sydney loves her best!

Richard Peacock

Creative, clever and creatively clever, yes Richard is an award winning designer with many talents! He’s the champion of our ‘thinking beyond design’ philosophy (like we’ll ever forget it!). A great problem-solver, he thrives on coming up with the ideas to take your marketing to the next level.

Richard is big on blogging. Not only does he run his own VW website, he blogs and tweets for others too. He also writes, is a published photographer and is also a bit of a surfing dude who’s no stranger to the Cornish coast. Loving all things active, if he’s not out mountain biking the muddy terrain of the Yorkshire Dales, you might find him touring the VW shows in his funky, sparkling pride and joy.

Andrew Forrest

A general techie and all-round geek, Andy is a calming presence in the office taking design work to final production either for print or digital. Responsible for maintaining all aspects of IT, Andy makes sure our systems run smoothly. Pretty important when we’re almost always working to tight deadlines.

A systems analyst in disguise, Andy’s always looking for innovative ideas to improve the way we work.  Loving efficiency is one of his things and we all secretly admire little revelations that help us create better work, in a better way, on time. Conscientious as well as geeky!

Outside work, he regularly visits parallel worlds and different time periods! These secret lives involve dressing as a Troll or other Tolkienesque characters. And yes! If we’d known at the interview…. Well!

Matt Thompson

Cool, calm and collected, Matt does the really important stuff, ensuring your job gets produced on time and on budget. He’s well respected by all our suppliers for his friendly, honest approach (and a bribe or two goes a long way when deadlines are tight!) Having worked with brands from Porsche to Pontins his understanding of clients’ needs and expectations are loved by everyone we work with.

Matt spends many a day in the fresh air doing everything from gardening, walking and cycling to training his shiny Labrador, Sydney. Inside he enjoys the theatre, cooking and running Sydney’s smash hit Facebook and Instagram pages.

Louise Wardle

Committed, enthusiastic and thorough, Louise is super-efficient. You can count on her to soak up everything about your business, weigh up a strategy and deliver a project that packs a punch. She knows a thing or two about marketing online and offline, while her incredible attention to detail makes sure everything is on point.

Louise is also fluent in French. We can’t tell you how handy that is for our European clients and what a relief it is for the rest of us! To relax Louise knits. For friends, for family, for anyone really. It’s her Secret Santa failsafe and we’re all a tad envious! She also loves family time, a good book and movie nights (though not much of that happens these days!).