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  • Why the time is right for outsourcing creative services.

    • Nov 19, 2021

    Does your business need additional marketing support?

    Now the worst of the pandemic has passed (or so we all hope), businesses are starting to move forward with their marketing plans. Many are looking for extra support by outsourcing creative services.

    The last 18 months has left its mark on many businesses, with depleted staff numbers and services. Some have had to lay people off or have experienced employees not returning from furlough. While others may be uncertain of the future and so cannot commit to expensive recruitment drives.

    These factors are leaving some companies overstretched, without the internal resources to fill the gaps. 

    The benefits of outsourcing

    The uncertainty of the marketplace and the rapid emergence of many online channels, especially during the last 18 months, has increased the need for creative services to engage both old and new customers.

    Having additional marketing support at the point you need it, rather than permanently, may be the right fit for your company at this moment in time. It requires little financial commitment and places no obligation on HR and your management team to spend time and money wading through CVs, organising interviews, and then providing inductions and training. You only pay for the creative services you need, not another full-time employee and all the associated costs.

    We are a cost-effective, fresh pair of eyes

    We understand that recruitment drives are expensive and time-consuming. With no guarantee of finding the right candidate to fill the gap in your team. Outsourcing creative services guarantees you expertise in the areas you need when you need them. It can simply make more sense to have additional marketing support from a creative services agency. Especially one who will dedicate their talented staff to helping your team achieve their goals.

    Outsourcing creative services help to provide an objective view but from within your company. Bringing in somebody new who already has innovative services knowledge and experience can encourage a fresh approach to new campaigns or give an insight into a possible new customer base. Your business will benefit from having this fresh perspective. 

    We are ready and can hit the ground running

    Another benefit for your business is the speed of service. You will not have to provide training and the outsourced team will be up to speed very quickly. This is because of their existing knowledge base of creative services and their ability to understand your brief. This will result in a quicker turnaround time on creative projects, where experience can have a significant impact.

    And this is where ICM Creative can help by providing additional marketing support for your business. Whatever you need, we can help you achieve your marketing goals. We provide creative services in partnership with your marketing and management teams.

    Our ‘thinking beyond design’ ethos is what keeps our clients coming back for more. We regularly work successfully with companies outsourcing creative services as an extension of their existing teams.

    We can help with all aspects of creative services including:

    Design for print

    We combine outstanding graphic design skills with extensive print knowledge to assist your team in producing everything from vibrant catalogues and brochures to direct mail campaigns or even vehicle livery.

    Brand creation

    We ensure that the messages are right for your business. Whether it’s a whole new brand, a rebrand, making strategic decisions, or working with your team on communications campaigns. From creating brand imagery to brand strategy, we can handle it all.


    Our specialist packaging design team can help create innovative, cost-effective, on-brand packaging.

    Point of sale

    Ensuring your products stand out and drive sales to their maximum potential. Your team can harness our POS knowledge to enhance brand engagement.


    Working in partnership with you, we can create an impactful exhibition stand design and promotional products which engage your existing clients and attract new ones.


    Our specialist skills in custom WordPress website design and build, email marketing, social media and content creation will help to support your team in their online communication goals.

    Why choose ICM Creative as your creative overflow?

    Firstly, we will listen to understand your business and your customer base, what you want to tell them about your company and how you want to achieve your business goals.

    We will immerse ourselves in your business because we consider ourselves your partner and your go-to resource for creative services.

    Our knowledge will be invaluable, not only for our design knowledge and experience but for our specialist expertise in key industry sectors:

    Manufacturing and Industrial

    Our experience within this sector means we are already one step ahead in understanding manufacturing businesses and the technical language often used in business to business marketing campaigns.

    We are here to help your in-house team capitalise on national and international markets. Please read one of our Manufacturing and Industrial case studies.


    Over many years, we have filled a niche in product development work within this industry, from the germ of an idea to sale.

    We can offer you additional marketing support and work with you at speed and with meticulous attention to detail and clarity. Please read one of our Automotive case studies.


    Providing communications expertise for the healthcare industry requires the ability to talk to diverse audiences ranging from patients to care home staff and key business decision-makers to sales representatives.

    Our copywriters and designers can provide invaluable support to your busy teams. Please read one of our Healthcare case studies.


    Whatever part of the leisure industry your company is in, we can help you maintain brand consistency and manage efficiency and costs for high volume print. Your team can rely on us for speed and creativity across all marketing collateral. Please read one of our Leisure case studies.

    Shall we pencil in a call?

    We are well-known for our attention to detail, and in addition to our wealth of experience, we have never, that’s right, NEVER missed a deadline! This is an invaluable asset that ensures our clients return to us time and again when outsourcing creative services.

    For more information about working with ICM Creative when outsourcing creative services as an extension to your in-house marketing team, please email Louise at louise@icmcreative.co.uk

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